How IPBlacklistAI works ?

IP Blacklist API

IPBlacklistAI is an IP blacklist API, the goal of this API is to check a given IP reputation. This reputation is based on public blacklists,machine learning algorithms and IP Geolocation.

Use case

Most known case is Credit Cards fraud, in our backend we created a machine learning model based on real world data to detect malicious operations. Our model uses multiple features : from IP address reputation to velocity of user interaction payment process. It has shown a high level of accuracy. By using IPBlacklistAI service you benefit from real world experience of other businesses and you also help improve its accuracy.

Shared knowledge

In order to make IPBlacklistAI service more accurate, we are offering discounts for our customers ready to share with us anonymized data on fraudulent operations on their platform. We also encourage our clients to make API calls in every step of their business process, it helps us understand users behavior and spot potential frauds. As this data is valuable we set a large maximum limit of 10K API calls per day which can be extended without fees.